The Promotion and Education (P&E) Committee has the responsibility of providing educational opportunities and experiences for Farm Bureau members and selected non-members (students, consumers, potential members, and others) to the end that Farm Bureau and agriculture are benefited.


Appointees to the P&E Committee should be interested in promoting agriculture and Farm Bureau through promotional and/or educational programs. They should enjoy working with a variety of people, have the ability to communicate, and be willing to assist in the organization of people and events. Dedication and a positive outlook are important characteristics for members of this committee.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Identify specific, local agricultural and/or Farm Bureau needs that can be addressed through the Promotion and Education Committee.
  • Utilize the Promotion and Education Committee handbook to help determine projects to be done on a county level.
  • Develop projects and programs that fulfill the identified needs and submit them for approval to the county Farm Bureau board.

Time Commitment

  • Committee chair should plan to attend monthly county Farm Bureau Board Meetings, or other identified committee member.
  • Attend 2-3 committee meetings per year on an as needed basis.
  • Follow-up with project leaders and committee members to ensure project completion.

Emily BoeveChair
Carmen DietrichMember
Amy HehlMember
Matthew HehlMember
Michelle KulicampMember
Lori LangelandMember
Merle LangelandMember
Rebecca LangelandMember
Linda MitchellMember
Ashley MorrenMember
Brenda RaterinkMember
Kelley ReendersMember
Christi SmithMember
Carol VisserMember
Rebecca WeaversMember
John WillcomeMember
Kathleen WillcomeMember
Mary WillcomeMember
Christine ZahmMember