LANSING, MI – The FARM Science Lab (Food, Agriculture, & Resources in Motion) II was open for visitors today as the Michigan Foundation for Agriculture celebrated its debut during the Michigan Farm Bureau’s Centennial Celebration.

The FARM Science Labs are 40-foot mobile classrooms, equipped with the latest teaching technologies and tooled with STEM-based lessons that meet Next Generation Science Standards and National Agricultural Literacy Outcomes to increase agricultural awareness. The Labs were developed by Michigan Agriculture in the Classroom.

Staffed with regional educators, the FARM Science Labs helps reinforce grade-level standards with hands-on science experiments while increasing students’ knowledge of how agriculture impacts their daily lives.

The FARM Science Lab offers schools the convenience of bringing a field trip-style experience to their front door. Students receive an out-of-classroom, hands-on experience without the hassle of transportation arrangements or field-trip permission slips.

“The FARM Science Labs are fully funded by generous donors giving to the Michigan Foundation for Agriculture, something not everyone knows” said Kate Thiel, development manager for the Michigan Foundation for Agriculture.

“Our first mobile FARM Science Lab has been on the road for two school years. During its tenure it’s seen 31,157 students and 1,212 educators,” Michelle Blodgett, Ag in the Classroom and FARM Science Lab manager said. “We’re excited to have two labs on the road for the coming school year. To date the labs are over 80% booked too. Imagine how the impact will grow with a second lab,” she added.

“We’re incredibly fortunate to have so many people supporting our initiatives. Many sponsors of the FARM Science Lab program were able to join us Friday, we’re appreciative of their time and support. And we’re so happy with the impact we’re all able to make with the FARM Science Lab,” Thiel said.

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